What We Do

What We Do

We at Agility Plus provide Business/IT change management services.

Whether your requirement is for project / programme management or the service to integrate complete CRM / BPM solution using products such as Chordiant (J2EE / JAVA). We also offer Testing management services and BA and IT professionals of the highest calibre in pursuit of providing our clients with quality services to meet their individual needs.

Agility Plus has one goal: help our clients to achieve greater success through an open and honest hard working inspirational approach to all services and solutions. Key to this is our ability to provide in-depth business / IT knowledge and experience to all our business partners.

Through our work, our clients turn their challenges into quality deliverables enhancing their business effectiveness and reputation.

Sound Technology Solutions

Agility Plus deliver true end-to-end solutions - from large CRM solutions to user interface, to Internet application development, to systems integration.

Agility Plus resources provide Business & technology staff drawn from an unmatched level of experience from a broad range of Business and IT consulting backgrounds:

Agility Plus operates a flexible "On-Demand" service

Very briefly, we will provide Senior Business & IT staff and Managers (covering interim positions, Line, Programme and Projects) on demand. These individuals are not standard contractors as this type of resource is already sourced via the likes of agencies and their associate partners. Our team are all senior Business & IT professionals who are capable of being productive from day one on any assignment. Our service is different in that we will work from the order number that you raise, and operate a 'call off' for the number of days authorised, with you banking any residue days not used. The benefit being that the service can be as flexible as you need it to be - there is no requirement for a formal tie in or contract for a specific number of days.

This is a service that could be sensibly used to cover senior roles in an interim capacity where you are currently in the market place to recruit into full time positions, or holiday cover at the senior level where no succession planning candidate exists.

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