Our Work

Our Work

We at Agility Plus provide a highly professional flexible service to all our clients offering an open and honest approach to all its activities.

Our services have been creatively used by:

HBoS, Barclays Bank, RBoS, Local Government, MBNA, Co-operative Banking, Water authorities 3i, and many more.

All work with us because they know we can deliver what they require.

With Agility Plus, the client comes first. We produce work that connects with your customers by drawing on our people's creativity and practical experience. Agility Plus provide innovative solutions for clients who are passionate about their products and services.

The company and all its partners have successfully engaged with several of the major financial Services and Card Services organisations, Government and other commercial players over the last 15 years and have based that relationship on an honest and straight forward approach. All the Agility Plus team members have been recruited personally by myself and understand the importance of, and have committed to this approach in order to provide the services that customers would value.

In addition to the services described above, we also provided a high level of technical resources.

The fee structure for senior managers and technical services and/or more junior roles is available. This is a service that could be sensibly used to cover senior roles in an interim capacity where you are currently in the market place to recruit into full time positions, or holiday cover at the senior level where no succession planning candidate exists.

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phone 01270 76 72 92, email office@agilityplus.co.uk