Our Work

Business and IT Analysts

The main purpose of the analyst is to formulate a commonly agreed definition of the Programme or project. This will include a detailed definition of the scope and main business gaols and objectives, as well as identifying the high level requirements as this will need to be agreed with the Sponsor of the work.

This information can be acquired via workshops ware all key stakeholders have a common understanding of the goals/objectives and boundaries.

The information gathering activities will include:

    Business activity
  • Confirm/Define the Business Objective of the Project (i.e. common understanding)
  • Determine the areas which play a critical role in achieving this objective
  • Determine the performance/operational criteria to meet the objectives
  • Determine current and required performance levels
  • Identify high level requirements
  • Identify current problems and/or gaps
  • Establish a blueprint to continue with more detailed
  • requirements analysis
  • Map out potential changes in the business which in turn may affect the project
  • Resource profiles
  • Business Continuity planning
  • Risk & Issues
  • Assumption made
    IT activity
  • Review of business requirement on IT
  • Impact upon legacy systems
  • Current level of performance
  • Required level of performance
  • High level systems requirements
  • Environment or infrastructure requirements
  • Support needs
  • IT Continuity planning
  • Planned systems development
  • Resource profile
  • Risk & Issues
  • Assumptions made

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