Agility Plus Ltd has made a commitment to develop this website so that it meets the needs and expectations of our users who experience physical, mental and technological challenges that makes browsing the Web require more effort.

Access Keys

The implementation of access keys, whilst not fully supported in all browsers, may help some users by giving them the ability to access specific links by using browser-specific shortcuts. For example, in Internet Explorer and Firefox, the user can use a key combination on their keyboard of the Alt key and one of the numbers below. This should be helpful for users who find it difficult to manage a mouse.

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Text Size

All of the text on our website can be resized in most modern browsers, so it is comfortable to read for those with vision impairments. For example, in Firefox, you can use the CTRL key together with the '+' key to increase text size.

Link Tags

We have incorporated <link> tags in each of our pages that point to the main home page for Agility Plus. This ensures users of the text-only Lynx browser can access the main page quickly and allows users of other modern browsers (such as Firefox and Opera) to take advantage of additional navigation features in their browsers.

Form Labels

We have implemented form labels and fieldsets where appropriate on the forms on our website. Using labels ensures that the form fields are assigned more comprehendible labels instead of arbitrary - and sometimes cryptic - field names. They also allow users to click on either the form field or its label to make a selection. This is particularly helpful to users who have difficulties in managing a mouse.

Using the fieldset feature ensures that the labels read back to the user in aural browsers are more logical than either the label features alone or in the absence of label tags. Visually, they also help to identify which form elements are related.

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